Welcome to Mahabir Bajrang Agro Chemical Pvt Ltd is a well known name in agrochemical industry in Bihar, Jharkhand and Nepal. In 2001 it was established as BAJRANG CHEMICALS with single product Magnesium Sulphate but gradually company got rapid growth and established its own production unit for zinc sulphate, Granules coating Plant , Micronutrients mixture of fertilizer unit, liquid – Bio, Organic and Pesticides formulation unit, Dust pesticides formulation unit, granules pesticides formulation unit and organic manure processing unit.

In the journey of progress company has established a well equipped laboratory for quality control, cost management and research & development. With strong commitment and dedication of our scantiest company has got success in search of ultimate product like- ‘ASAR, Brahmastra, Trinetra, Sudarshan, Kawach” and many more……………..

This visible growth would not have been possible without able guidance of our visionary chairman cum managing director Mr. Manoj Prasad Shahi under his leadership a strong and energetic team framed by young and smart guys in production, quality control, operation, administration and marketing gave all round support in realizing the dream of company.


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